Pin ni pan!

With the expression pínní pán' it seems that we have a similar case where words featuring the expressive element of /p/ are used idiomatically to refer to denotationally unspecified actions associated with effort. The closest parallel that comes to mind in English is an expression like "blah-blah-blah" though it isn't grammaticalized in the same way or to the same extent.

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Interview clip with N'ko author and publisher (ߎߛߑߡߊߣ ߞߎ߬ߟߎߓߊ߬ߟߌ߬)

Recently been working on segmenting, transcribing and translating some summer fieldwork interview's and decided to put together a little clip of a great interview that I had with the Bamako-based N'ko author and publisher, Ousmane Coulibaly (ߎߛߑߡߊߣ ߞߎ߬ߟߎߓߊ߬ߟߌ߬). This segment in particular focuses on words, neologisms and naming issues and how Ousmane, as an N'ko student, thinks about and approaches them. Enjoy!

Language and Translation in Fofana's "Samori"

So I've recently been indulging in some reading about Samori Touré -- a Manding-speaking West African that at one point controlled a sizable portion of West Africa near the end of the 19th century. Without getting into the details of his mixed legacy as both a colonial resistant and brutal conqueror, I want to focus on some Manding excerpts in Khalil Fofana's 1998 book "L'Almami Samori Touré: Empereur".

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