RFI calling tubabu that speak Manding

RFI Mandenkan announced this morning that every Thursday they will be hosting "Fàrajɛ́" that have made the study of Manding their work (See the transcribed or subtitled audio-video below --select Japanese for Manding and English for, um, English). No indication of any of their planned guests, but should be interesting to hear.

Not sure if she is still active in this role, but previously Voice of America had a tubabu, Heather Maxwell, that hosted "Music Time in Africa" in Bambara. In the case of RFI, I've never heard any non-Africans on the air speaking Manding, but I think having foreigners on air is a great move in showing the reach and intellectual life of radio in African languages like Manding. Also, as the American ambassador proved a few years back while speaking Nigerian Pidgin, people love it!

On a side note, is anyone familiar with the expression "[kà kàló' dòn] mɔ̀gɔ́lá"? Such use of the word kàló is absent from the Bambara corpus as far as I can tell. Here's the audio of the excerpt: