N'ko QWERTY Keyboard for Windows (Toolbox on Parallels)

So this isn't much to look at but after four hours of intensive labor, I managed to get not only the N'ko script to show up in Toolbox while running on Parallels on my Mac, but I also managed to create my own N'ko QWERTY keyboard.

Screenshot of Toolbox properly displaying the N'ko font while running on Parallels

Screenshot of Toolbox properly displaying the N'ko font while running on Parallels

N'ko QWERTY Keyboard Download

Windows 10 now fully supports N'ko and come with a keyboard of course, but I couldn't bring myself to learn yet another a keyboard. It took a lot of searching and trial & error but in essence I used the program (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator) and steps in this video to do my custom mapping. Oddly though, if I listed the keyboard as being for N'ko ("nqo" being its code), I couldn't get Windows to allow me to use the keyboard when I selected N'ko as my language -- it would only let me use Windows' default system N'ko keyboard. As such, I did a little work around of labelling it as an Arabic keyboard. Since I won't be typing in Arabic on Windows this isn't going to be an issue for me. Simply select "Arabic - Saudi Arabia" and you can then type fully Unicode N'ko with a QWERTY keyboard. Here's a link to the installation package for "Nko-ArQ" (<N'ko-ArabicQWERTY):

N'ko QWERTY Keyboard for Android?

On Mac I currently use an N'ko QWERTY keyboard that was designed by Michael Everson and it's been a godsend over the years. Would love to have something similar on my Android phone as well. Curious if other N'ko users that are now getting into writing Manding digitally would also be interested in such as product. I'm thinking in particular that in the diaspora there are lots of people who already master a QWERTY keyboard and would maybe like for their N'ko keyboard to be a close match to it -- people like the kids that I've worked with as they study N'ko during weekend language classes with people like Ibrahima Traoré in New York City and others here in Philadelphia. Just a thought for anyone else more ambitious and cellphone savvy than I...

N'ko Dictionary?

I'm not planning necessarily on starting an ambitious N'ko-English dictionary project at the time being but I wanted to see if such a thing would even be feasible with my current setup because 1) I'd like to do something like that one day; and 2) I've been speaking with a few N'ko intellectuals about Toolbox as a piece of software that might be useful for them in the lexicography work. While they've successfully produced or digitized a number of dictionaries/lexicons (a monolingual Manding work, French-Manding and Arab-French), many these works were simply Word versions of formerly handwritten manuscripts.