Dioula dictionary (mobile friendly and searchable for English and French)

Writing this post to point Dioula (AKA “Jula”) learners to my dictionary project with Antoine Fenayon that is now live at dictionary.ankataa.com.

The dictionary is of interest for the following reasons (see the screenshots in the tweet thread listed below):

  • It fulls marks tone

  • It includes examples

  • It shows the links and differences between Bambara and Jula. That’s why we call it a Manding-English dictionary.

  • It distinguishes between related senses of the same word.

  • It includes information about potential loanwords.

  • It includes French because of its role in Manding-speaking West Africa.

  • It includes information about the appropriate post-positions that go with verbs so that you can use them correctly.

  • It includes an English and French reversal index.

  • It has a mobile friendly version that includes a search function for both English and Bambara.

It’s not perfect, but it’s already of use we think! We’ll be rolling out a major updates that improves the search function and the user interface and design in the moths to come!