Bambara keyboards for Android via Gboard (Latin and N'ko)

So I recently got a new Android phone and instead of doing a full on restore of my old phone, I’ve slowly been adding apps and tweaking settings as I go. Yesterday, I went to a new keyboard entry method and was pleasantly surprised to see that Android 9’s version of Gboard (Google’s multilingual keyboard which I believe is standard on the OS now) included “Bambara.”

In fact, Gboard now includes a Bambara keyboard in both Latin-based script and the N’ko script!

How Activate Bambara keyboards on Android 9’s Gboard (with Screenshots)

Open the keyboard as if you were gonna type into something. Long press on the space bar as if you were gonna select a new language.

Click on “language settings” (and ignore the fact that I already have the keyboards activated in the screenshot).

Click on “Add Keyboard” and find “Bambara”

Once you click on “Bambara” you’ll have a choice to choose either Latin- or N’ko-based orthography

Choose the version “Bambara” for “Bambara (Latin)” and the same for N’ko. Write me a message and have a great life.