Learn Bambara with learnbambara.com -- a new "An ka taa" website!

So I’ve been teaching Bambara, Jula and Maninka online for a few years, but I’ve always been frustrated by the fact that some of the most prominent sites on Google are just massive language sites that just are just collections of basic information done by someone who isn’t a teacher or specialist of the language.

I started anaktaa.com as a way to offer more extensive resources as well as media and lessons for students of Manding varieties, but unfortunately “An ka taa” isn’t something that a random person interested in learning Bambara is going to search for.

As such, I recently decided to launch learnbambara.com as one piece of An ka taa (which I officially established as an LLC in 2019).

It’s not meant to replace An ka taa, which will remain my main site for Manding resources, media and lessons, but hopefully it can help more people interested in learning one of West Africa’s most import trade languages!

Have a look and let me know what you think!

It’s got pages for Bambara lessons and my online tutoring programs as well as some background on me and An ka taa. Hope you like!

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I ni ce!