Wikipedia in N'ko


There is now officially a full-fledged N’ko version of Wikipedia! It was announced yesterday on Twitter:

This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the dedicated grassroots work of N'ko readers, writers and students that has been going on for decades with and without computers.

Here’s some questions that I had with some potential answers. Maybe I’ll update these down the road!

How active is the N’ko Wikipedia?

Well, you can see all the edits to it here. Here’s an article in N’ko on Kanjamadi regarding the effort.

How big is the N’ko Wikipedia?

You can see that here.

How was it made?

All the translations for the interface were done here.

Can you help me use it?

Yes, a little. I made the following translation cheatsheet for myself when I decided to explore it a bit. And below is one of the videos made by @batenaffa that explain in Manding how to contribute. (I’ve put them all into a single playlist here that lives here.)

A translation cheatsheet that I made on 2019-09-27 — may not be accurate later!