How to use Study Sets

The An ka taa study sets are hosted on our Quizlet profile.

Study Modes

Quizlet offers a number of different modes for reviewing “Study Sets” (think “digital flashcards”):


Just like you think it is. Can include audio. Good for quick review, but no guarantee you will remember how to spell.**


One must correctly type the Manding “term” or the English “definition” when given a text prompt. **This is good for practicing your spelling recall.**


Type what you hear. **This is good for getting your ear-trained and your spelling down properly.**


A game where you race against the clock to match definitions with their terms.


A customizable mix of Flashcards, Write questions, Multiple choice questions.


A virtual test of a length you choose that is graded and includes Write, Match, Multiple choice and True/False questions.

Turning on the audio and customizing settings...

To turn on the audio recordings to help memorize and better learn pronunciation and to adjust the settings in general to your liking, click on the settings button in the upper right corner of the Quizlet web app and adjust as need be. Here’s some screenshots to help: