I prepare lessons based on each and every student's needs and preferences.

Some students are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers with strong competency in Manding, but they are looking for a series of conversations with formal grammar lessons included as holes in their formal knowledge are revealed. Others are familiar with greetings and certain fixed expressions through family members or travels but they are looking for a set of lessons so that they can formulate their own sentences and engage in basic conversations. And some people are planning on visiting the region for the first-time and would like to start from scratch.

Regardless of where you fit, I will work with you to evaluate your level and needs before crafting one or a set of lessons that satisfies you. My individual lessons are typically between $30-50 an hour depending on how many sessions you are interested in and whether it will take place online or face-to-face. For group lessons or classes, I can also make special arrangements.

Just shoot me a message and I'll be in touch shortly about scheduling a time to chat and shortly thereafter your first lesson!


Here is what past students of mine have had to say. Happy to put you in touch with any of them personally before your first lesson:

Brianna; IT recruiter; San Francisco, CA

"I really enjoyed my Jula lessons with Coleman Donaldson! I spent two years in the Peace Corps in Burkina Faso from 2010-2012 and loved learning to speak Jula, but never understood the grammar behind most of the phrases I would use. Coleman helped me have a much deeper understanding of the language and helped me improve my pronunciation.  He is extremely knowledgeable, very patient and I would highly recommend his language classes!" 

Chrissy; Public health professional; Washington, DC

"Coleman is a knowledgeable and patient language teacher and has helped me a lot with my speaking and comprehension abilities in Bambara. He explains grammatical concepts with clarity and ensures I understand before moving forward. I highly recommend Coleman to anyone seeking to improve their Manding language abilities."

Colin; Health development worker; Philadelphia, PA

"My Bambara lesson was fun, interactive, and effective! As I prepared for my first visit to Mali, Coleman led me through a series of speaking exercises that built upon my existing knowledge of Jula from my Peace Corps service in Burkina Faso and provided me with the confidence to engage with others. This one-hour lesson made all the difference; from conversing with taxi drivers to ordering rice and peanut sauce at a road-side restaurant to greeting my colleagues in the office, Bambara opened doors that never would have opened with just speaking French."