Na baro kè


‘Come chat!’

Na baro kè is a free online video series—for Manding speakers and learners—of transcribed and translated street-side “chats” with everyday people in West Africa.


The first monthly episode appeared on YouTube in December 2018 and the series will run through at least December 2019.

Street-side in Manding

A typical episode is around 10-minute long and consists of roughly ten semi-structured interviews around a single topic—greetings, small change, interesting Manding words such sabali, etc.—with everyday people that I encounter street-side in cities and towns in Mali and Burkina Faso.


Multi-tiered Subtitles

The episodes are transcribed using a multi-tiered subtitle format: 1) normative Manding in N’ko script; 2) Manding in Latin script; 3) an English translation; and 4) a French translation.


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Details on the subtitle conventions are available here.

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